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Alternative Health Research LLC provides its customers with a combination of the power and healing properties of Mother Nature with Science. Our ongoing clinical research allows us to pass on effective results driven Holistic products like Flamasil to the public. Alternative Health Research LLC will always have the highest standards so that our customers will reap the benefits from our goal of perfection.
  1. Flamasil - 1 Month Supply



    Stop Your Gout Attacks with Flamasil, the Best All Natural Gout Anti-Inflammatory!

    Flamasil utilizes Advanced Bio-enhanced Technology to stop gout attacks in progress and prevent future Gout Attacks and joint pain.

    Flamasil™ for Gout features exciting Bio-enhanced Ingredients such as OPC's and Turmeric proven to be up to 7 times more effective than standard formulations. With additions such as Tart Cherry Extract, Probiotics, Boswelia and more Flamasil is one powerful gout fighter.

    Use Flamasil® daily to remove Inflammation from your life!

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