1. DermaSOLVE Scalp Oil - 4.5 oz

    DermaSOLVE Scalp Oil - 4 oz


    DermaSOLVE® Scalp Oil will help moisturize and soften the dry skin so that they can easily be lifted and removed when shampooing. The rich, natural oils will moisturize the dry itchy areas to help reduce swelling and redness. Learn More
  2. DermaSOLVE Shampoo 8oz

    DermaSOLVE Shampoo - 8 oz


    Introducing DermaSOLVE Shampoo, a rich moisturizing and conditioning shampoo that helps eliminate the symptoms associated with Psoriasis, Dry-Skin and Seborrheic Dermatitis Learn More
  3. DHS SAL Shampoo - 4oz

    DHS SAL Shampoo - 4oz


    Maximum Strength treatment of Psoriasis, dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis.

    Learn More
  4. DHS Tar Gel Shampoo - 8oz

    DHS Tar Gel Shampoo - 8oz


    Mildly scented version of the original DHS Tar Shampoo Rich-lathering gel formula deep cleans while relieving discomfort. Learn More
  5. DHS Tar Shampoo

    DHS Tar Shampoo


    Tar-based formula for the treatment of dandruff and psoriasis.

    Learn More
  6. DHS Zinc Shampoo

    DHS Zinc Shampoo


    Recommended for control of dandruff or sebhorrheic dermatitis. Learn More
  7. Enve Tea Tree Therapy Conditioner

    Enve Tea Tree Therapy Conditioner - 12oz

    Regular Price: $11.45

    Special Price: $5.95

    Enve Organic Tea Tree shampoo or conditioner. Scent free. Tea tree repels head lice. Relieves itching and dry scalp. Also good for Oily hair and scalp conditions. Good for cradle cap and eczema. Ph Balanced. No Paraben No animal by-products No animal testing. No carcinogens, Recyclable plastic containers.12oz on display photo. Learn More
  8. Psoriasis Control Shampoo

    TriDerma Psoriasis Control Shampoo


    Psoriasis Control Shampoo provides fast relief for your itchy scalp from dandruff, psoriasis or dermatitis. It helps control flaking and scaly build-up on your scalp. Safe for color treated hair. Contains NO sulfates or parabens. Learn More