Ointments & Oils

  1. DermaSOLVE Scalp Oil - 4.5 oz

    DermaSOLVE Scalp Oil - 4 oz


    DermaSOLVE® Scalp Oil will help moisturize and soften the dry skin so that they can easily be lifted and removed when shampooing. The rich, natural oils will moisturize the dry itchy areas to help reduce swelling and redness. Learn More
  2. Enve Face Wash Tea Tree Oil - 16oz

    Enve Facial Cleanser - Foaming Cleanse with Organic Tea Tree Oil - 16oz

    Regular Price: $9.50

    Special Price: $4.95

    Foaming Face wash. Tea Tree face cleanser to cleanse and remove bacteria. Helps against acne, ingrown hairs, rashes, skin disorders and maintains healthy skin. Learn More
  3. H-Psoriasis

    H-Psoriasis - 11ml or 33ml


    Our H-Psoriasis™ product will reduce the symptoms of your psoriasis quickly and effectively, relieving pain, itching, flaking and cracking on the skin and the scalp. The product's ability to rapidly clear up any psoriasis outbreak symptoms is unsurpassed! Learn More